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Where to shoot in New York? (eng)

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Central Park

One of the associations with New York is this place! Of course - fall in love with everyone! Get ready to walk a lot and wait in line to take pictures in certain places, but it's definitely worth it!

It takes at least 1 hour, and preferably 1.5-2 hours to shoot those shots in popular places of Central Park.

The Plaza hotel and the Upper East Side

Who watched "Home Alone"? Raise your hand! Yes, this is the hotel and the famous fountain near it, and if you walk higher, you can take wonderful shots in the Upper East Side and walk to The MET!

How much time is needed?

1.5 hours at least, since the distance is about 20 blocks.

Times Square

Did you immediately remember the photos of this place? A huge amount of advertising and even more tourists! This place is never empty, but it is precisely because of this that it looks special in the pictures!

The required time to shoot is at least 1 hour. Despite the fact this location is small, it takes time to wait. When most of the tourists disappear from the frame, can you imagine that I’m not photoshopping people?

New York Public Library and Bryant Park

Favorite places for city dwellers and yes, these are really incredible locations!

The shooting time is 1.5 hours, since there are still 2 locations, and although they are next to each other, such circumstances as taking a picture at every meter should be taken into account!

Top of the Rock or Rockefeller Center

My favorite place, here you immediately fall in love with New York, once and for all!

In order to fully feel what I’m talking about it’s worth setting up for the morning, the crowd of tourists in the frames you don’t need anything, believe me!

Shooting time - 1 hour is enough, and then you can stay and just enjoy the views and make a couple of stories on Instagram!

Grand Central and Chrysler Building

If you want a city in the photo and to learn a little history, then these locations will suit you, and the cherry on the cake will be a bridge overlooking the Chrysler Building — one of my favorite buildings!

Time for shooting is 1.5 - 2 hours, plus an assistant for shooting, as additional light is required inside the building!

Flatiron building

Definitely this is love, power, and incredible architectural beauty! In addition to the stunning view of this building, there is a nice park, many yellow taxis, and a view of the Empire State Building! The perfect combination!

Time for shooting from 1 to 2 hours, and you can take a break for a coffee at Lavazza!

Greenwich Village

The sweetest area with low houses with high stairs, famous places from favorite TV series such as “Sex in the City”, “Friends” and a wonderful promenade near!

Here is the soul of New York!

Shooting time 1-2 hours.

Washington Square Park

A bit of France in New York!

Shooting time 1-2 hours.


In this area, a special light has been defined, here you want to walk and be a little Fancy! The photos are incredibly stylish!

Shooting time 1-2 hours.

Downtown Manhattan

I could not imagine how incredible this area is for shooting! Here is everything that reminds New York!

Shooting time 1-2 hours.

Dumbo and Brooklyn Bridge

The most popular place for taking pictures! Why? Well, just look at these shots!

Shooting time 1-1,5 hours.

Brooklyn Height and Brooklyn Promenade

Madly reminiscent of Greenwich Village, but without a crowd of tourists and views of the entire Downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge! Do you need more arguments?

Shooting time 1-1,5 hours

Brooklyn Bridge

Yes, there are many tourists and cyclists, but is this the main thing? At the right time and trusting the photographer, you will make those most incredible shots! This bridge is a work of art!

Shooting time 1-2 hours.

Roosevelt Island

Such an atmospheric tramway and island overlooking Manhattan.

Bushwick and Greenpoint

This is a real hipster place with its own atmosphere, trendy New Yorkers, delicious coffee and food, and yes overlooking a million!

Shooting time 1-2 hours.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

I know when it is possible to come there for free and make such frames! Isn't that fantastic?

Shooting time 1-2 hours.

Coney Island and Brighton Beach

Legendary place from the movies, the ocean, the rides and the atmosphere! I advise for fans of just such frames!

Shooting time 1-2 hours.


What could be better than the ocean?


A separate landmark of New York

Shooting time 1-2 hours.

Fire Island Lighthouse

Such a wonderful place near New York City.

Your place - your home.

The list will be constantly updated with new places.

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