November 19, 2019

Julia is an incredibly talented photographer. She’s creative, personably and patient. She even stood in the freezing cold with me so we could capture the perfect sunrise pictures. I can’t wait to work with her again!!!


July 12, 2019

Julia is amazing and the warmest person! Her way of feeling me and my mood made me happy. I was glad and relaxed during the shooting. It’s the best birthday gift 🎁

Юлечка - потрясающая, чувствующая и тёплая... при этом профессионал своего дела. Было ооочень комфортно и легко. И результат поразил на 1000%. А готовые фотки уже на следующий день — это настоящий приятный шок. Юля, спасибо ❤️

Chelsea and Chad

January 05, 2019

We absolutely LOVED our photo session with Julia!! We choose to go to Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo area and she was so creative with all the shots she got. Super friendly and she gave good direction as well. The edits turned out perfectly! Highly recommend her services


October 25, 2019

Julia💗thanks for the best memory we could imagine. We love every picture of our shooting💗. And you found a little blond friend in Germany🤗.


July 21, 2019

You are the best photographer in the World!!!! I'm so happy! Thanks for the super photo session!

Margarita and Brian

October 16, 2018

Julia is an amazing photographer!

She gave me the pictures of my dreams! Me and my husband got married 2 months ago in Maryland, but I really wanted to have our pictures in the city of my dreams (NYC) with the man of my dreams :)

Julia captured exactly what we hoped for! Every picture turned out to be fantastic!

We chose two locations: Central Park and Top of the Rock.

When we got to the Rockfeller center we were behind our scheduled time, and had to shoot when the sun was down. But she did an amazing job! I couldn't believe how great our pictures are even though the ambient light was low. The pictures are even better than most could usually make during the day or sunrise on top of the rock :) It was also cold and windy in the evening, but Julia wouldn't stop until she made sure that she got really good shots.

She is very hardworking and professional. Additionally, Julia was very quick to respond and she gave us edited photos in just one week! She was cheerful and fun to be around. She was great to work with and gave us a lot of direction.

Highly recommended!


October 04, 2018

I loved working with Julia! She made me feel very comfortable and at ease during the shoot. Additionally, she was willing to incorporate all of the scenery/ different locations in New York that I wanted into a one hour shoot, which was very important to me. She was professional, timely, and fun to work with. I would definitely use her services again. Thank you for the wonderful photos, Julia! xoxo

Jason and Shan

June 26, 2018

We just looked through all the pictures in the USB drive. We LOVE every single one of them. You are the best photographer ever!!! Thank you so much Julia!! You made our wedding extra special and perfect :) 

Can't praise you enough :P


May 01, 2018

I had pleasure working with Julia during my trip to NYC. She was very professional, helped me with how to pose, where to look, where to put my hands - everything!!! Not to mention, she is just a great positive person, and I really enjoyed the time :) The photos were AMAZING!!! Words cannot describe how happy I am! Definitely coming back soon, cannot wait to do another project! Thank you, Julia!

Yana and Lucas

March 08, 2018

It was an amazing experience to work with Julia! She is very professional and know how to combine you together. You know that it is super hard for couples to do this kind of things for the first time. With Julia you feels funny and safe so you opening up very fast and just enjoying the process. She is very hard working persons. It was very cold, she was without gloves or hat, climbing rocks with us just for a one good shoot. We spent hours together and she was very professional! Never told us she needs a break or a sip of water! Very strong girl! When I saw those pictures it just took my breath away, THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Can't wait for the next time! Thank you so much Julia!


February 18, 2018

Julia, thank you very much for such cool photos! You were able to fully convey the atmosphere of the city, which we see from the outside, but sometimes can not always convey in photographs. You took photographs exactly as I imagined them. Thank you for the full return of yourself during the work, despite the wind and cold. Thank you for that it's so easy and fun to work with you. You're the best! Be sure to repeat! :)


May 31, 2018

Юлия - великолепный фотограф. Она мастер своего дела. С ней время проходит очень быстро. За короткий промежуток времени, она сделает качественные снимки с разных мест, например, у меня была фотосессия в Нью-Йорке. Мы за час успели побывать в трех различных местах. С ней можно найти общие темы для общения, которые могут затянуться на очень долгое время. Скорее главное, это адекватные цены! Удачи!


July 01, 2018

Юлечка, ты волшебница!!! Спасибо, что помогла запечатлеть прогулку по любимому NYC! Ты очень красиво видишь и чувствуешь кадр, с удовольствием повторю опыт в следующий приезд в США!

Irina and Maxim

December 05, 2017

Julia, thank you very much for the wonderful photos! They turned out very alive, interesting, emotional. Special thanks for the atmosphere at your photo shoots. It’s so easy and comfortable with you. There is kind of feels like we have known each other for ages. Very cool when you enjoy not only viewing pictures, but also the process of shooting. You're very good at your job, and also a wonderful and nice person.

Ira and Sasha

November 15, 2017

It would seem it’s not very easy to convey the feelings and emotions even in words, but Julia managed to capture them on film! She caught all the tenderest, sweetest and most intimate moments. Okay, to speak my truth there is one "but": it's impossible to choose a couple of photos, cause they are all so amazing that I get lost! Thanks to Julia for the comfortable atmosphere she creates in her photo shoots, there is no feeling of stranger from the first second, what makes it easy and productive to work. It is worth noting the speed and quality of editing, because they are wonderful. Julia, thank you so much, it was a pleasure to work with you! I think you‘ll became our family photographer.

Kristina and Maxim

November 19, 2017

Julia, from the first second of meeting it was very easy to work, although we are not photomodels and not photogenic, and it‘s true, but you could find our hidden "photogenic" and we felt relaxed, and like a fish out of water! Thank you for capturing the most important day in our life! You're very good at your job, with your own style, which hook up! And what is very important! Thank you for helping me, you were like our wedding coordinator from the moment of our acquaintance and to the banquet

Kristina and Alexey

November 18, 2017

Julia, we looked at the pictures and they are incredibly beautiful! THANK YOU! The photos turned out sincere, touching, lovely, fairy and alive. You are a very kind, bright, pleasant person, a professional in your job. Thank you for the good memories that will remain with us for life!) And for us, such beautiful and happy. We wish you to improve yourself and have creative successes!

Julya, Maxim and Alisa

December 23, 2017

After the photo shoot, I was confused. Alice, to put it mildly, behaved not very well and I didn‘t expect to get good pictures! But today I saw them .... and I like every picture! Each photo is filled with warmth and comfort, and of course it reminds of those merry moments how the daughter behaved! Once again many thanks, Julia!

Elena and Ivan

November 10, 2017

Dear, Julia! Thank you very much for those moments that you captured and managed to see in us. You're very nice and open little person. Our photo session was very positive and light, it's very important when you worry, thank you for that))) I can say with confidence that you are the best photographer in the world !!!!!! !! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Julia and Constantine

November 03, 2017

Dear, Julia! Thank you very much for saving the brightest and most beautiful moments of the most important day of any couple! After seeing the photo, lots of sweet memories of the day of our wedding came back to us! We admire the pictures! We wish you creative successes, new ideas and beautiful people on a way of life! It was very nice to meet a real professional who knows his job! And you are a fine and kind person! Thank you very much!!!

Catherine and Mikhail

November 03, 2017

Julia!!! You are our brilliant girl! I remember how we accidentally ran into your profile in Instagram, then the meeting and we have no doubt that YOU will be our photographer! We had two wonderful shots - Love story and our wedding day. It's easy with you! You are a wonderful, sunny person and a professional in your job! We are sure that you will have a great future! And we wish you success and fulfillment of all your plans and ideas! XOXO

Sergey and Svetlana

September 12, 2017

Thank you for our warm and glowing wedding photos, which keep memories of the most beautiful day! Although it’s either -20 C˚, or +35 C˚ in the days of our meetings, the photos are super! The secret is that Julia is a wonderful photographer and a professional in her job! Thank you so much!

Kostya, Katya and Anechka

August 19, 2017

Julia, thank you very much for the emotions, feelings and joy that you were able to capture in the photos. These are exactly the moments that are so difficult to catch, but want to remember. It's very easy to work with you, and the result is very cool! Thanks xoxo 

Julia and Roma

November 04, 2017

Julia is a great! I'm very glad she was our photographer. It's very easy with her. Time flies fast. The photos are excellent, we were very pleased. Choose her for all your most significant days and you’ll a be satisfied 

Dasha and Anton

July 28, 2017

How wonderful they are! I can’t keep emotions at bay! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! We like photos so much!

R.S. I have never smiled in photos, but I have never seen such a beautiful and sincere smile 

Racquel and Dorsea

June 14, 2017

Thank you Julia for capturing these beautiful moments with our family! There are amazing! These memories will last forever/ Thank you and thank you. I absolutely love them!

Darya and Artem

May 13, 2017

Julia, photos are awesome, very tender, sincere and romantic! Thanks for the speed and quality of editing! Artem is very happy, he crazy about the portraits (he didn’t like portraits before). We look at the photos over and over again, we have already looked for 3 times, and I like them so much that I can’t even choose the best one, because they are all very beautiful. It’s so easy and fun to work with you, we hope this is not the last our photo shoot))) 


September 28, 2017

The story that led me to Julia began with a little dream of a blog. On the way there was a step to make beautiful photos for content and personalization of me as an author. I know how to working with words and meanings. But the world of photography is a land I know nothing about. I came to Julia with a vague idea and uncertainty. And she took me to her lens, giving advice on the fly. Now I have the most beautiful photos in the world. I do not know how she did it, but I suspect it's a super ability to read minds. Thank you! 

Denis and Ira

June 09, 2017

Julia, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing work that you did! You’re super and a professional in your job, who knows how to show the beauty and uniqueness of each thing. We felt comfortable and liberated with you. You charged us with your incredible positive, charming smile and excellent attitude, it was a pleasure to work with you We are delighted!!! Thank you very much for the wonderful photos! Great creative success to you! 


May 05, 2017

Thank you very much, Julia, for the work you’ve done! It was awesome! Shooting is wonderful, the result is even better! I'm very happy about the luck to work with you! It's very pleasant and comfortable, easy and fun with you, there was understanding with a half-word! I will be glad to meet you again! 

Ira and Denis

July 13, 2017

Julia, how many emotions I have now. The photos are so beautiful, crazy, sincere and airy. We look at pictures and smile, I look at my husband, at his emotions, at his smile and wrinkles, you know, you captured all these, all that I love in him so much, I'm actually crying! There was a tear in my right eye (wiped and pretended that I scratched the eye). Thank you, thank you, thank you many times! I want to scream THANK YOU. You are incredible, you are very good at your job! Thank you again from our family! 

Darya and Alexander

July 19, 2017

Thank you for such wonderful photos!) My wife and I are in incredible delight!

Julia and Alexander Ziminy

July 12, 2017

Julia, thank you so much for all the wonderful works that you filmed! We address not for the first time and sure that not for the last. The photo shoot was awesome. We absolutely did not feel constrained and uncomfortable in front of the camera. On the contrary, everything was natural and easy. The hours of photography flew very fast, leaving behind many positive emotions. We also enjoy the photos. Once again many thanks!


May 16, 2017

I'm looking at photos and they are all beautiful, so real and alive. I want to print everyone and look at them every day. And the design that you gave me is so nice and beautiful. It does me such good when a person treats his work like this, not just take pictures and give them, but everything with heart. You are the photographer that when you imagine your future events in life, and just personal photo shoots, I want you to capture them as a memory for life. And mos importantly, as a person - you are adorable, sweet, beautiful and always smile like people in your picture. I hope to see you again. In general, thank you for everything!


July 05, 2017

Well, and I decided to write a review of a huge number of my photos made by Julia. And I can objectively say that you know how to feel and find emotions. Photos always cause a storm of comments among my relatives and friends. I look forward to our future projects)))

Alena, Alexey and Timofey

July 18, 2017

My husband and I looked at the pictures…they are fantastic! We are very satisfied! Thank you, Julia! I hope soon some of the pictures will occupy an honorable place on the wall in the flat.


April 17, 2017

Julia, thank you very much for the pictures! In your company I feel comfortable and easy. The shooting time flew by like one minute. And the photo I received in a nice design that was a pleasant bonus for me)))))) I wish you positive vibes, endless shootings and creative achievements!!!! You are so great! 🌸🌸🌸🌺💐

Anastasia and Sergey

April 10, 2017

Thank you very much for the great photos! We did not doubt the quality of a single moment, because it is not the first time when you make our family happy with your wonderful works! You are a wonderful and kind person and you don’t feel jammed and constrained in front of your camera, but on the contrary, I want to smile, laugh and turn around like at home in front of the mirror. We are very happy that fortune has once introduced us to you. And now thanks to you our family album is filled with wonderful photos and you are with us in the happiest moments of our life. Good luck to you and grateful customers!


April 07, 2017

Julia, you are a real professional in your job! I am very glad that I came to your photo project. Your photos are perfect! I'm happy that I met you, I will definitely come to you again! Thanks a lot!!!!!


April 05, 2017

I was very glad to work with such a talented girl as Julia. She is talented and knows the feelings of a person, helping to show and reveal his/her beauty. Your photos glow with warmth and tenderness. I will be glad to be in front of your lens some more times. 💋❤️


April 03, 2017

Julia, after seeing the photos, I realized – they are wonderful! I'm so happy! Can you create beauty and give people a piece of warmth and light in your photos! I was never disappointed, but only more fell in love with you and your creativity! Keep us satisfied and inspiring, my dear!

​Victoria and Vitaly

February 28, 2017

The pictures are divine! You are waiting for a great future, I can’t take pictures, but I definitely have a taste and there are not many photographers with a twist, style and so on. But you have these all and also you’re a good and pleasant person

Tanya and Vanya

February 23, 2017

Thank you, Julia, for your creativity, which you share with us, and in which we are directly involved! Continue to improve yourself and give people smiles. 😉